The Background to NORTO

Over 25 years’ Experience in Off Road Training for Professional and Recreational Users.

Having experienced both good and bad in all areas of training, founder David Heaton had the vision to create a National Organisation that could deliver Training to the Highest National Standards at the most Cost Effective prices.

That vision is The National Off Road Training Organisation, bringing together a team of dedicated experts throughout the UK linked by a central point of contact.

NORTO has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, understanding and experience in providing the most appropriate and effective training available today.

With “Industry leading” training schedules designed with sufficient in-built flexibility to meet the needs of all types of operators using all types of vehicles.

Delivered by Qualified NORTO Approver Trainers.

Using NORTO’s own fully “Interactive Presentations” to ensure a complete understanding in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

NORTO Training is fully supported by comprehensive Codes of Practice and every Trainee is supplied with their own Training Manual.

Our Services Also Include:

  • Winch Training: Vehicle mounted winches.
  • General Advice: On off-road driving and all wheel drive vehicles.
  • Events: Planning and running Manufacturer Days, Dealer Days and Promotional Events.
  • Location: Assistance with finding suitable locations throughout the UK
  • Expert Witness: In off-road incidents involving light 4wd vehicles and their equipment

The Certificates

The courses and certificates are fully compliant with HSE & PUWER, therefore a satisfactory standard must be achieved before a certificate is issued.
Certificates are valid for 5 years from the date of training and it is recommended that drivers attend an assessed refresher course every 3 years.

The Trainers

NORTO trainers have been trained and assessed by NORTO to the highest possible standards.

NORTO carries out regular standard-setting programmes to ensure that the very latest information and training methods are used on every occasion.

The Training Grounds

Naturally, sites vary regionally, but our primary sites meet our high standards for delivering effective and appropriate training.

The Vehicles & Equipment

All centres have vehicles available for hire, however, clients often prefer to carry out the training in the vehicle they usually drive to better understand it’s specific capabilities and limitations. This is very relevant to winch training as it’s important to check that the essential equipment carried to operate the winch is the correct type and rating.