4×4 Off Road Driver Training For Professional and Recreational Use.

Practical Training Courses

Level 1

A half day course for off road driving in mild conditions up to 15°

Includes a classroom presentation to ensure that:
Legal issues are considered, daily checks are carried out, and the 4×4 systems are understood.

Practical training includes:
Proper use of the controls, hazard awareness, route assessment, the importance of appropriate power and momentum with good steering control and making sure the vehicle’s safe and legal to return to the road.

Level 2

A one day course for off road driving in moderate conditions up to 25°
The morning covers level 1 before progressing to steeper hills, side-slopes, ditches, ridges & ruts.
This is our most popular course and satisfies most needs.

Level 3

A one-day advanced course for off-road driving in demanding surfaces & slopes above 25° The course starts with a review of Level 2 before progressing to precise & advanced driving including the risks involved with changing wheels, wading, self-recovery and driving in darkness.

Level 2 must have been successfully completed within 3 years of taking Level 3.

4×4 Vehicle Mounted Winch Training For Professional and Recreational Use.

Level 1

The course has a balance of theory and practical training.

The theory element includes an in-depth understanding of the equipment, its use and the risks involved in using winches.

The practical elements include straight pulls, angled pulls, 2:1 pulls, self-recovery and recovering other vehicles or objects.

Candidates will be able to identify the dangers, calculate approximate loadings, select and check the correct equipment and use it effectively and safely.

Drivers must be trained or declared competent to drive on loose and slippery surfaces above 25° before attending a winch course
Minimum of 2 trainees is required to run a winch course.

Specialist Advanced Levels available on request.